The Race

Prevention is the cure.

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We invest in programs that change the way cancer is treated.


how we work

We invest the money we raise into the most innovative research programs around the world. Our team and board of advisors carefully source and vet each program, monitor, and then provide progress updates to our donors. 


Why Prevention

According the the National Institute of Health, medical expenditures associated with cancer treatment are expected to reach $158 billion by year 2020. We then posed the question, why treat if we can prevent. It is our belief that the current paradigm of cancer treatment has shortcomings. 

We believe that any advances in the approach to cancer prevention and treatment are valuable. Historically, non-profit entities have focused their efforts towards incremental changes to cancer care, and much of the game-changing research that innovators pursue does not fall into the accepted realm to receive funding. 

The Race focuses on investing in cutting edge research and new protocols that drastically extend lives or alter the modalities of treatment with a focus on prevention. Perhaps it's youthful optimisim or the innocence of our team who identify these under supported research programs, but we believe we can create the future now. 


The Next Generation

Beginning in 2012, The Race established a unique partnership with the Effective Leadership Academy, to teach thousands of high school students from North-Eastern Ohio teamwork, leadership, organizational skills, and the importance of philanthropy. Our newly formed Teen Leadership Council incorporates these 21st century skills, as the students assist The Race with fundraising, event planning, and help determine how the funds raised are invested. 




We’re not done yet. We still need your help.

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READY TO Help us eliminate breaST cancer?



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